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Registration for our 2019 Cobble Hill CSA Season has closed.

Share deliveries are now running every Tuesday till Dec 10.

This is the 23rd year that our CSA has been distributing local organic vegetables from  Halsey Green Thumb Farm, Long Island’s oldest certified organic farm in Water Mill, New York. The core group and Farmer Ray are committed to creating a satisfying partnership for all members. In addition we welcome back Wilklow Orchards of Highland, NY for another year of locally grown seasonal fruits & berries.



Pick Up Location: Christ Church, 326 Clinton Street (corner of Kane Street).
Pick up Times: Tuesdays – 4:30 pm to 7:45 pm Please note changed pick-up times from past year.

What happens if I don’t pick up my share? The Cobble Hill CSA is unable to arrange pick-ups outside the distribution place and times. If you are unable to pick up your share, you may have someone else pick it up for you. If a share isn’t picked up during the distribution time, it will be donated to a local charity

Members are responsible for bringing their own bags to the site.

Shareholder’s Mandatory Work Requirement/Service Hours: Each CSA shareholder is required to put in a minimum of 2 shifts time (about 4 hours) for the CSA during the season. The CSA functions solely on our service commitment to each other to make this all work.  (see section describing work requirements in detail.)


Green Thumb Vegetable Share for 2019:

24 Weeks @ $19.00/week = $456
+ CSA Membership Fee of $30 (unchanged from prior year) = TOTAL $456
Your membership in the CSA is based on purchasing this basic share.

Additional options from Green Thumb Farm:
Herb Share: 12 Weeks ($5/week) = $60
Flower Share: 10 Weeks($9/week) = $90
Tomato/Sauce Share – $45/box Available: Aug. 15, 22, 28 Sept. 5th and/or 14th


SIGN UP Contract for Green Thumb

After submitting this, you will get an email confirmation. Please review it and total your fee ($456 + $30 admin fee = $486 for the vegetable share)   then add  (options Herbs, + Flowers, + tomatoes)]

Second: MAKE PAYMENT to Halseys Green Thumb.
Payments must be received by June 1 to be included in the first pickup

PAYPAL: You need a PayPal account associated with your bank.
Click on the link to submit payment:  PayPal to Green Thumb
or from send to PayPal:
if by PAPER CHECK: made out to “Halseys Green Thumb of Water Mill”.
mail to:   Halseys Green Thumb of Water Mill
132 Halsey Lane, Water Mill, NY 11976


Wilklow Orchards

Basic Fruit Share: 24 Weeks @ $12.00/week = $288
The farm has averaged their share cost at $12 per week, however the actual fruit share weekly pricing varies over the season with summer fruits more costly than fall fruits. Wilklow farm does discounts CSA pricing from that of their farm stand. This price is average for the 24 week season running July 2nd – December 10th.

Cider Share: 10 Weeks at $3.25/week = $32.50
with delivers will run for 10 weeks starting in September.

Heirloom Tomato Share: 4 Weeks at $10/week = $40


SIGN UP Contract for Wilklow Orchards

Fourth: MAKE PAYMENT to Wilklow Orchards.
Payments must be received by June 1 to be included in the first pickup

PAYPAL: You need a PayPal account associated with your bank.
Payment goes to Becky Wilklow, and for your records, you can add a note regarding your purchase of a Cobble Hill CSA Fruit Share on the payment page.
Click on the link to submit payment:  PayPal to Wilklow

if by PAPER CHECK: made out Wilklow Orchards
and mail to: Wilklow Orchards
341 Pancake Hollow Rd,
Highland, NY 12528

Fifth: Signup for your work shift