About Us

Cobble Hill CSA is a community supported agricultural cooperative.
Brooklyn founded in 1996, it is one of New York’s longest-running CSAs. Our collective is proud that we can continue to offer our community access to fresh, locally-grown produce, and support our local sustainable and ethical farming families.

Our collective is organized to facilitate members individual purchase of the seasonal harvest of vegetable and fruit directly from our local farmers. We collectively manage weekly delivery of goods from the farmers,  throughout the local growing season.  
All members share in the responsibility to help this collective process work to the benefit of all.  In doing so, the local farm get a committed community to receive their produce, while the community gets delicious organic foods, freshly harvested in season. And beyond that, CSA help maintain the stability of local regional farms which help feed a population with on a much smaller carbon-foot-print (and in the case of our organic farmer, chemical free farming).

CSA members buy shares of organic produce from Halsey Green Thumb Farm, located on the South Fork of Long Island where the Halsey family has farmed for nearly 300 years, grows organic crops while paying farmhands a living wage.

Green Thumb Farm supplies CSA members with a diverse array of produce—including salad and cooking greens, herbs, tomatoes, and root vegetables. In addition, members have the option to subscribe for supplemental shares of decorative flowers, culinary herbs, and bulk tomatoes (for paste), as well as a Pantry Share that offers additional quantities of certain vegetables.


CSA members may also subscribe for a weekly fruit share supplied by Wilklow Orchards, located in the Hudson Valley. Wilklow Orchards, which uses low-spray cultivation techniques, provides members with a constantly-changing selection of apples, stone fruits, berries, and more. In addition, members have the option to subscribe for supplemental shares of heirloom tomatoes and apple cider.