Wilklow Orchards

The Cobble Hill CSA Fruit Share comes form Wilklow Orchards, a 115 acre farm in Highland, New York that has been operated by a single family since the 1850s.  Today, three generations of farmers work side-by-side. The Wilklows practice Integrated Pest Management, a technique that minimizes the use of pesticides. Wilklow Orchards is primarily a fruit farm: producing peaches, grapes, berries, heirloom tomatoes, and more than 15 varieties of apples.

Wilklow Orchards became a direct market farm in the early 1980s, when the Wilklow family began to sell its produce at a roadside stand. Since 1984, they have sold their fruits, vegetables, cider, and baked goods at Greenmarkets all over New York City. (You can meet Fred Wilklow at the Borough Hall Greenmarket every Tuesday and Saturday.) The farm also offers apple picking and a variety of other programs in the summer and fall.

For more about Wilklow Orchards, visit their website, http://www.wilkloworchards.com/.