Membership Options

All members of the Cobble Hill CSA subscribe for a weekly produce share from Green Thumb Farm for 28 weeks (2018 dates: 5 June through 11 December). The total cost of this subscription, plus mandatory fees, is as follows:

Basic Registration Fees (2018):
1. Green Thumb Farm Vegetable Share: $532.00
($19.70 per week for 27 weeks)
2. Administrative Fee (required): $30.00
3. Thanksgiving Food Pantry Donation (required): $5.00
Total Cost for Basic Registration: $567.00


In addition to the weekly vegetable share from Green Thumb Farm, Cobble Hill CSA members receive the option to subscribe for a weekly fruit share provided by Wilklow Orchards. The weekly fruit share is not mandatory, but the majority of members do choose to subscribe. The weekly fruit share costs an additional $280 (approximately $10.40 per week for 27 weeks).
Total Cost for Basic Registration + Weekly Fruit Share: $847.00


Both Green Thumb Farm and Wilklow Orchards offer CSA members the opportunity to subscribe for supplemental shares. These subscriptions are optional, but highly recommended. The subscription fees charged for supplemental shares are as follows:

Fees for Supplemental Shares (2018):
1. Green Thumb Farm Decorative Flower Share: $99.00
($9 per week for 11 non-consecutive weeks)
2. Green Thumb Farm Culinary Herb Share: $65.00
($5 per week for 13 weeks, second and fourth Tuesday of each month)
3. Green Thumb Farm Paste Tomatoes Share: $45.00
($45 per 20 pound box, available multiple dates)
4. Wilklow Orchards Apple Cider Share: $30.00
($3.00 per week for 10 weeks, September-December)
5. Wilklow Orchards Heirloom Tomatoes Share: $40.00
($10 per week for four weeks)

Please note: in addition to payment of these fees, all members are asked to complete two work shifts as a condition of membership.